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FAmSCo Election 2009: Nominations are open!

November 12, 2009

Sirs, it’s election time!

Apart from the jokes, this is an important moment for the life of the project, especially for Ambassadors.

With this election Ambassadors will be called to choose 7 people, who will represent and manage more than 700 other ones from all over the world.

If you run, you could became a FAmSCo member!

Like any challenge, it has its difficulties but, if you are motivated and if you like to make your voice heard, you’ll find it as one of the most exciting and marvelous experience.

Is there any requirement? Passion and self commitment. With these two ingredients you’ll be able to face this job. Experience, naturally, will give you an important help.

What are the steps required in order to run for it?

First of all, add you name in the nomination wiki page (just click here).

In this page you’ll be able to explain the vision you have for the project, your ideas and the goals you want to achieve.

Don’t worry, it’s not required to write something complicate. Just write what you think, even if it’s only a brief sentence. Remember: sometime a word is worth 10000 words.

The deadline to nominate yourself is November 16th.

It’s normal to have doubts, but you haven’t to be feared of not being elected. The most important element is be there. Express your ideas! Make your opinion relevant!  You’ll be important just because you will run!

Everybody, at the end of the race, will win: candidates, even if not elected; Ambassadors and the whole Fedora Project.

What are the next steps?

I’ll write about them later this week and during the next ones. Thanks to John (inode0) this is the schedule for the upcoming weeks:

* November 10-16: Nominations are open.
* November 17-23: Candidate questionnaires.
* November 27 – December 3: IRC Town Hall-style discussions with candidates for the various elected positions will be arranged.
* December 8-15: The elections will take place.

P.S. Just a reminder for whoever want to organize/join a fedora 12 Release Event: visit


“Fedora 11 Release Events Contest” Winners Announcement

August 10, 2009

It’s my pleasure and honour to announce the F11 Release Events Contest winners: Kevin Higgins with the Vancouver, WA (USA) release event, Neville A. Cross with the Managua (NI) release event and, finally, Truong Anh Tuan with the Hanoi (VN) release event.

For the Fedora 11 release, FAmSCo wanted to give some of the Ambassadors who organized great release events an opportunity to attend a FUDCon or a FAD in their region, and to meet more of the community face to face. As such, we’re going to be providing some sponsorship opportunities to some of the organizers of great Fedora release events.

Our decision was based not only on the quality of the event, that sure was the base requirement, we also took care of the experience of the people and the potential they could express in future events and in the whole project, both in a regional and global perspective.

For several releases now, Fedora Ambassadors have been organizing release events all over the world, becoming a natural component of our activity and showing us the maturity of the project. The purpose of these events is to promote the new release of Fedora, to raise awareness among local communities, and to educate users and developers on the most important features of the release.

These release events are low-cost and are therefore easy to scale worldwide. As a means of encouraging these events, we have occasionally offered some sort of reward for the best events.

FAmSCo wants to thank all the participants for their amazing job: stay sure that we will continue to encourage it.

For future Fedora releases, we hope to do the same thing, and to spread the sponsorship around so that folks all over the world have opportunities to attend FUDCons. It is a high priority for us that we continue to grow Fedora Ambassadors all over the world.

We are proud to have such great people on this marvelous team!

Stay tuned

On Behalf of FAmSCo
Francesco Ugolini

p.s. A special thanks goes to Joerg Simon for his detailed review of
all the events.

FAmSCo Election: – 8 days

December 12, 2008

FAmSCo election are open until December 20th.

If you haven’t done yet, cast your vote at

I voted

December 7, 2008
I Voted!

I cast my ballot!

If you haven’t done yet, here’s the link:

Call for Ambassadors (3)

November 11, 2008

According to the Nomination Page, there are actually 7 people who add their name (or have accepted the nomination someone else made).

I invite who hasn’t done it yet to think about his/her nomination: it’s really important to see a great participation in this electoral turnout.

I hope to see people from APAC, where I saw a lot of work done during the last year, from NA, an experienced community who demonstrated its capacities and abilities,  from LATAM, that has created a really big community and has done a great work too, and from EMEA, who have worked so hard during the past year to set up a powerful infrastructure to manage resources and people.

I know it’s a really brief scheme, I hope to have underlined the core actions of each local community. BTW, feel free to tell me if I’m wrong, helping to carry on this discussion.

I think all this challenges, and others ones, require a powerfull and helpful hand. I’m sure next FAmSCo should take care deeply about these ones, but it’s necessary a wide participation from all ambassadors! 

Call for Ambassadors (2)

November 9, 2008

 Yesterday I wrote about FAmSCo nomination period, now I want to talk about few aspects you may find interesting, hoping those could invite you adding your name.


During the last years, mainly during this one, we saw a constant, amazing,  growth of participation in our community: this helped us defining the core values behind Fedora and behind Ambassadors Project too.


1. Community matters


Fedora is people powered, without a big community, like ours, we couldn’t arrive where we are: community is become our principal brand value, it helped us differentiate from the other project.


In that way, Ambassadors Project is one of most clear expression of this: with our voice we go around the world promoting Fedora and creating a direct relation between Fedora and the rest of world.



2. Open processes and direct participation


I think this is one of the most interesting part of the project: it’s simple to join our community and starting working, but it’s really easy to join directly the decision making process. This helps not only to create a community based project but it makes possible to keep Fedora an evolving process, with a stable and reliable background.


Once again, Ambassadors Project is the clear expression of this one. I’m writing this post to let you know that it’s your time: you can join the challenge or, in a second time, cast your vote, but, in both cases you will directly decide where Ambassadors Project should go.


There are other Fedora core values: here I wanted to underline the two ones that are directly connected with ambassadors and with the crucial step we are facing. I hope those ones could help you taking the right decision but, stay sure, whatever you will decide (run for FAmSCo or not), you will be at the center of the project!

FAmSCo Nomination Period – Call for Ambassadors

November 8, 2008

It’s my honor and pleasure to let you know FAmSCo nomination period is open until December 3rd.


I invite all the Ambassadors who want to face this amazing challenge to write their name and work creating a better FAmSCO.


It’s really important, with near-to-be 600 ambassadors (thanks to Fabian for the number), to see a big turnout, expecially if you consider we are coming from all over the World. I think everyone has to take care of this possibility, just because there will not be losers: yes, someone will be elected and someone else not, but EVERYONE will give their own perspectives and ideas for the project and, stay sure, nobody will forget this!


FAmSCo is not only the  resource bridge, it also takes care of ambassadors policies making, community management (training and coordination) and all the tasks connected with the improvements of each ambassador exprience. BTW, it’s necessary to underline the important role it has in the organization of local groups: it is constantly in touch with Regional contacts to know what are the problems, the results and whatever could let FAmSCo working improving the local groups.


I think a blog post can’t tell you everything about FAmSCo and the reasons to be part of this important, necessary, Ambassadors’ tool. 


I’m sure your Fedora "ambassadorial" experience will be the best criterion to think about your direct participation in FAmSCo elections, no doubt about it 🙂

For more info and to add your name see:

Call of Duty

December 4, 2007

As you know the Fedora Steering Committee’s nomination period was extended by one week due to the lack of candidates. All we know the big importance of FAmSCo and probably we know the reason of this “failure”. But I don’t want crying over the past, I think, now, I have to spend some words to convince you that FAmSCo is still live and only with your work it will improve.

First of all i want to remember the main role of the Steering Committee: help ambassadors promoting fedora. You may argue: how can FAmSCo accomplish this one?

1. Coordinating the project: it talks with people, trough ambassadors mailing list, weekly meetings (now transformed in regional monthly meetings), real meetings and, at least but not last, trough ambassadors’ feedbacks (sent by people directly to FAmSCo).

2. Helping ambassadors: it sends them materials (Live CDs, DVDs, t-shirts etc) and it helps ambassadors who can’t carry themselves the costs of events with a reimbursement policy.

This is just the tip of the iceberg …

As you may imagine it requires a lot of time and people who seriously work. Logically, if there are less people than the available seats the work’s weight will be more.

I can’t force anyone but i can encourage those people that daily spend their free time helping Fedora. I think they are disappointed: I can understand their feelings, but now it’s the time to change, to pull the anchor up and start sailing.

That’s all (or maybe the most).