Ambassadors Project Schedule

March 1, 2009

Ambassadors Project is moving forward. In order to make this happen, we need to know what we are doing. 

If you have a open task, that isn’t mentioned in, please write in the list or contact me directly.

This is only a small stone in the great building that Ambassadors (and, sure :), Fedora) community is.


Your $distribution random-short-story

December 28, 2008

1) Which was your Linux distribution story?

I started with Slackware 8 (bundled in a linux magazine), then I moved to Fedora Core 1, for a while I used Suse 9, then I moved to Fedora Core 2 and all its following versions (actually I’m running F10, and proud to do this!).

2) What is your preferred $your_distribution version?

Fedora 8

3) Write a short story (more like and anecdote) about your past distribution.

Practice, practice, practice, with ‘man‘ support, naturally 🙂

FAmSCo Election: – 8 days

December 12, 2008

FAmSCo election are open until December 20th.

If you haven’t done yet, cast your vote at

I voted

December 7, 2008
I Voted!

I cast my ballot!

If you haven’t done yet, here’s the link:

F10 Release Events, the first (but not last) recap

December 3, 2008

It’s just my pleasure to report that the first F10 Release Events were a success! I want to thank all the ambassadors who spent their time organizing these ones and all the attendees that helped made them as amazing as they were.

We have just started ! A lot of Fedora 10 Release Events have to come, and I’m sure they will be great too. I encourage to visit the wiki and see where they will be hold.

My personal thanks to all the Ambassadors who are working organizing the next ones: it’s an hard job, but I’m sure the results will be worthy all the time spent organizing them.

Your work will be part of the Fedora success: I’m sure of this!


November 17, 2008

I really enjoyed FAD EMEA 2008.

Friday was a great day: I met Max and Sandro on the train to Basel, we talked about the Ambassadors Project situation and I asked few things about Switzerland. After we left the luggages in the hotel, we had a short (2hrs) meeting at Pinguin Pub, one of the most well served and quality pub in Basel. Moreover I really liked the dinner at the Chinese restaurant and I enjoyed the community atmosphere.

After that we went to Basel University where we started working, here we discussed about Membership. Joerg made a great presentation on what AMAs (Ambassadors Membership Administrators) have done and the results gained after the new Membership policies took place. I saw a big interest on this topic and I think Joerg has collected a lot of interesting feedbacks to improve the overall ambassadors experience.

Before the end of the evening meeting a small accident happened to Sandro, he was wounded but, fortunately, it could be able to continue managing the event during the next days.

Saturday was the most hard and funny day of the whole event. In the morning we talked about:

Consulting: Jeroen proposed to create a group of developers that could hold some "training courses" in some businesses: then, using the resources they could get from those ones, improve the Fedora infrastructure. The proposal sounded good and people agreed on this one.

Events: this was the biggest discussion we had (it took approximately a day to discuss about this one). Max talked about how resources are managed around the world, on the budget for the next EMEA events, particularly on the next FUDCon and LinuxTAG. Mark Jung, a member of LinuxTAG e.V., illustrated some of the ideas behind next year LinuxTag and we tried to figure out how Fedora could be present there. We also take a look at next year FUDCon: we decided to investigate on a range of possible places and then take a decision according to the result. From the Italian Ambassadors sides, we had also the possibility to report about LinuxDay: Luca Foppiano made a great job, describing what it was done and the results. We discussed about other events (like FOSDEM) too, Max listed all the events according to the financial quarter and the resources, and we were able to easily have the whole situation for the next year.

Training/Classroom: Joerg had the great idea to organize some fedora classrooms for new ambassadors to guide them into the project and into events organization. We all agreed with this idea and I, personally, like to see this in action as soon as possible.

In the afternoon we had the pleasure to visit Basel downtown, a local LUG member guided us around it and told us about its marvelous history. After we had dinner in a 100% Switzerland restaurant where we could taste Basel Founde and a chestnuts "cake". The day isn’t finished: after the social event we had the last part of the meeting where we finished the discussion about events and Max asked all the members what they think could be the next step in the Ambassadors Project: it was an interesting question, I was happy to see people sharing their vision and help everyone figuring out what to do for the future (at least in EMEA).

On Sunday, before I left FAD, I had the possibility to visit, with the other ambassadors, the University Botanic Garden, here the guide showed us amazing plants and flowers: I think we not only admired the marvelous colors and shape of those species, we, also, learned a lot of things about interaction and evolution. I know it could sound scholastic but the basics of community interactions could be strictly compared with plants life in an environment. BTW, we enjoyed the visit and, while the other had another day of work I took the train for my home.

I really liked the event. I want to thank Sandro and Max for their amazing job organizing the event, Andreas Rau that made possible to hold the event, giving us a cool room at the university and a working internet connection too, and all the attendees that joined the discussion and helped building a better future for EMEA and, generally, for the whole Fedora community.

I want, finally, to thank Joerg Simon, one of the most active ambassadors and a great person, who gave me a lot of suggestions and encouraged me to add my name in the FAmSCo nomination page. For that reason I want to thank also Francesco Crippa, Luca Foppiano and Gianluca Varisco: I hope they would nominate themselves too!

P.S. I tried to remember all the most important activities, BTW sometime I can forget something, so let me know.

I’m going to FAD EMEA

November 13, 2008
It’s a really pleasure for me to take part in FAD EMEA 2008. Sandro and Max have done a great job organizing this event. I’m very happy to share this amazing experience with the other ambassadors and I’m sure it will help improving our community, in all its possible sides.

Call for Ambassadors (3)

November 11, 2008

According to the Nomination Page, there are actually 7 people who add their name (or have accepted the nomination someone else made).

I invite who hasn’t done it yet to think about his/her nomination: it’s really important to see a great participation in this electoral turnout.

I hope to see people from APAC, where I saw a lot of work done during the last year, from NA, an experienced community who demonstrated its capacities and abilities,  from LATAM, that has created a really big community and has done a great work too, and from EMEA, who have worked so hard during the past year to set up a powerful infrastructure to manage resources and people.

I know it’s a really brief scheme, I hope to have underlined the core actions of each local community. BTW, feel free to tell me if I’m wrong, helping to carry on this discussion.

I think all this challenges, and others ones, require a powerfull and helpful hand. I’m sure next FAmSCo should take care deeply about these ones, but it’s necessary a wide participation from all ambassadors! 

Call for Ambassadors (2)

November 9, 2008

 Yesterday I wrote about FAmSCo nomination period, now I want to talk about few aspects you may find interesting, hoping those could invite you adding your name.


During the last years, mainly during this one, we saw a constant, amazing,  growth of participation in our community: this helped us defining the core values behind Fedora and behind Ambassadors Project too.


1. Community matters


Fedora is people powered, without a big community, like ours, we couldn’t arrive where we are: community is become our principal brand value, it helped us differentiate from the other project.


In that way, Ambassadors Project is one of most clear expression of this: with our voice we go around the world promoting Fedora and creating a direct relation between Fedora and the rest of world.



2. Open processes and direct participation


I think this is one of the most interesting part of the project: it’s simple to join our community and starting working, but it’s really easy to join directly the decision making process. This helps not only to create a community based project but it makes possible to keep Fedora an evolving process, with a stable and reliable background.


Once again, Ambassadors Project is the clear expression of this one. I’m writing this post to let you know that it’s your time: you can join the challenge or, in a second time, cast your vote, but, in both cases you will directly decide where Ambassadors Project should go.


There are other Fedora core values: here I wanted to underline the two ones that are directly connected with ambassadors and with the crucial step we are facing. I hope those ones could help you taking the right decision but, stay sure, whatever you will decide (run for FAmSCo or not), you will be at the center of the project!

FAmSCo Nomination Period – Call for Ambassadors

November 8, 2008

It’s my honor and pleasure to let you know FAmSCo nomination period is open until December 3rd.


I invite all the Ambassadors who want to face this amazing challenge to write their name and work creating a better FAmSCO.


It’s really important, with near-to-be 600 ambassadors (thanks to Fabian for the number), to see a big turnout, expecially if you consider we are coming from all over the World. I think everyone has to take care of this possibility, just because there will not be losers: yes, someone will be elected and someone else not, but EVERYONE will give their own perspectives and ideas for the project and, stay sure, nobody will forget this!


FAmSCo is not only the  resource bridge, it also takes care of ambassadors policies making, community management (training and coordination) and all the tasks connected with the improvements of each ambassador exprience. BTW, it’s necessary to underline the important role it has in the organization of local groups: it is constantly in touch with Regional contacts to know what are the problems, the results and whatever could let FAmSCo working improving the local groups.


I think a blog post can’t tell you everything about FAmSCo and the reasons to be part of this important, necessary, Ambassadors’ tool. 


I’m sure your Fedora "ambassadorial" experience will be the best criterion to think about your direct participation in FAmSCo elections, no doubt about it 🙂

For more info and to add your name see: