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Linux Day 2009 – Livorno

October 26, 2009

Saturday 24th was a great day. I had the honour to attend Linux Day 2009 organized by the GULLI, the local Linux user group, in the Metropolis Pub, Livorno. This place is owned and maintained by a Linux enthusiast who gave his availability to host this event: the location gave the right atmosphere for an event that was both interesting and fun.

The event was divided in two halves, morning and afternoon. Unfortunately I could attend only the latter one, but sure I had the possibility to meet great people and attend interesting speeches, like the open source relation with government, the creation of dynamic web sites with open source tools, and Linux on net-books.

Along the conference side, people joined the event to get in touch with Linux and ask questions/report concerns on Linux and some distributions.

I see also that some GULLI members had Fedora (or derivatives) installed in their laptop: I had the possibility to talk deeply with them and share each other the experience with this amazing distribution 🙂

Thanks to GULLI availability I had the honour to give one speech too, which basically was focused on the core features of Fedora, our community and our values.

People seemed interested and I felt like at home: they demonstrated to be a great community, from an organization to a socialisation point of view.

During the afternoon we had the opportunity to discuss about future collaborations, starting from the possibility to organize a Fedora Release Event (but it’s still an on-going issue), to the creation of a more strict relation between us. Both the ideas sounded great and, sure, I saw this as a great chance to improve our experience and share with them our passion and tools.

When available, I’ll post some photos of the event. Meanwhile I hope to have described, even briefly, what happened and what were the results of this amazing experience.


Organizing Fedora 12 Release Events

October 16, 2009

Fedora 12 will be released in a month. While packagers, marketers, designers and the docs guys (and many others) are working hardly to have everything ready for that time, we, Ambassadors, will face a big challenge: organize Fedora 12 Release Events.

Why you may be interested in holding one? First of all people. It would be great to put contributors and community all together, and to be able to share each other opinions about the new release. Not only. Release Events mean talks, hacking and, sure, party!

If you haven’t considered yet, it’s time to think at it.

When you’ll be convinced, add your event in (you’ll find more information in the page).

For Fedora Contributors: visit the page, see if there is an event near you (if not, try to convince your local Ambassadors) and get in contact with the event owner/s. You’ll have a crucial role in the event and, sure, you’ll receive a VIP treatment!