Planning F12 Release Events

Events are part of Fedora style. In that way Release Events (or if you prefer Parties) have become a hallmark of what we are.

Fedora 12 is under development: people are working hardly to realease something special and, we, as Ambassadors, want to honour this, spreading the result around the World.

Release events grew a lot since the early beginning and it’s time to go a step further.

First of all, we have defined a deadline to better address what to do and to align with other sub-project schedules.

We, also, have defined REs goal: have end-users (e.g. students, developers) and contributors, all together, to celebrate the new release; introduce newbie to the new release; discuss about what is changed and what can be improved; do some hacking and so on.

This time we want to let end-users know who are the contributors, and to let contributors know who are the people who use/will use Fedora: it will help boost the motivation on both sides. It’s marvellous when you meet someone who share the same passion and sure, after an event, you can understand that your work, as small as it could be, is precious as the biggest work. And, from an end-user perspective, to have all/most of your questions/doubts/concerns answered.

The success of a Release Event depends, first of all, on Organizers: in the last years Ambassadors have done an excellent job organizing them and doing the hard job: they are the people who go in search of a place, who set up it and spend most of the day talking about Fedora, holding speeches, supporting new users, helping solving problems etc..

The thanks must go to these people, ready every release, to challange themselves doing a better job, and sure, since now, they have achived this goal. We should be proud of them and we should encourage them continuing on this way!

I assure this will be an unique experience for everyone, from organizers to attendees: you are invited to take part in.

Haul the anchor! An amazing experience is waiting us.


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