Here I am

pfew… I finally finished two of the hardest months since a year (sure, they will be overwhelmed by the ones that have to come next year).

During these months I’ve tried to use most of my (few) free time for Ambassadors stuffs, trying to follow most of the activities we have covered.

Now, I have set some priorities for the next six months.

Personal ones:

– Improve leadership (sure this is one of my top priorities)

– Try to join most of the events around me and find time/resources for the European ones

– Work with the other Italian ambassadors building a strength Italian community

From a FAmSCo point of view:

– Check all the open tasks and review all the amazing work done (especially regarding mentoring/membership thanks to Joerg, Fabian, Susmit and all the guys behind this job)

– Read Release Events reports and prepare for the Release Events Contest results (just wait for all REs)

– Working on the communication: I have an idea that I’ll bring you soon (see the list for further information)

– Bring weekly meetings back (we hold only M-L discussions during the last month)

I think the agenda seems full enough.

Now I’ll use today and tomorrow to take some rest and say: “OK, now I can breath!”.



2 Responses to “Here I am”

  1. Nicu Says:

    well, we missed you in Berlin…

  2. Francesco Ugolini Says:

    I tried to find a way to be there, but it was materially impossible. As I said during FAD EMEA 2008, september was the best month for me to attend this event. BTW, I’m sure we will meeting in other places 🙂 I (really) need to join Fedora Events!

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