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Your $distribution random-short-story

December 28, 2008

1) Which was your Linux distribution story?

I started with Slackware 8 (bundled in a linux magazine), then I moved to Fedora Core 1, for a while I used Suse 9, then I moved to Fedora Core 2 and all its following versions (actually I’m running F10, and proud to do this!).

2) What is your preferred $your_distribution version?

Fedora 8

3) Write a short story (more like and anecdote) about your past distribution.

Practice, practice, practice, with ‘man‘ support, naturally 🙂


FAmSCo Election: – 8 days

December 12, 2008

FAmSCo election are open until December 20th.

If you haven’t done yet, cast your vote at

I voted

December 7, 2008
I Voted!

I cast my ballot!

If you haven’t done yet, here’s the link:

F10 Release Events, the first (but not last) recap

December 3, 2008

It’s just my pleasure to report that the first F10 Release Events were a success! I want to thank all the ambassadors who spent their time organizing these ones and all the attendees that helped made them as amazing as they were.

We have just started ! A lot of Fedora 10 Release Events have to come, and I’m sure they will be great too. I encourage to visit the wiki and see where they will be hold.

My personal thanks to all the Ambassadors who are working organizing the next ones: it’s an hard job, but I’m sure the results will be worthy all the time spent organizing them.

Your work will be part of the Fedora success: I’m sure of this!