Call for Ambassadors (2)

 Yesterday I wrote about FAmSCo nomination period, now I want to talk about few aspects you may find interesting, hoping those could invite you adding your name.


During the last years, mainly during this one, we saw a constant, amazing,  growth of participation in our community: this helped us defining the core values behind Fedora and behind Ambassadors Project too.


1. Community matters


Fedora is people powered, without a big community, like ours, we couldn’t arrive where we are: community is become our principal brand value, it helped us differentiate from the other project.


In that way, Ambassadors Project is one of most clear expression of this: with our voice we go around the world promoting Fedora and creating a direct relation between Fedora and the rest of world.



2. Open processes and direct participation


I think this is one of the most interesting part of the project: it’s simple to join our community and starting working, but it’s really easy to join directly the decision making process. This helps not only to create a community based project but it makes possible to keep Fedora an evolving process, with a stable and reliable background.


Once again, Ambassadors Project is the clear expression of this one. I’m writing this post to let you know that it’s your time: you can join the challenge or, in a second time, cast your vote, but, in both cases you will directly decide where Ambassadors Project should go.


There are other Fedora core values: here I wanted to underline the two ones that are directly connected with ambassadors and with the crucial step we are facing. I hope those ones could help you taking the right decision but, stay sure, whatever you will decide (run for FAmSCo or not), you will be at the center of the project!


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2 Responses to “Call for Ambassadors (2)”

  1. bbbush Says:

    I translated this post as well as the previous one to zhs, they are here and
    though I don’t think there will be zhs candidate I think it worth to spread Fedora’s events and words of spirit.
    would you permit I to publish the translations? if not please let me know, I’ll remove them ASAP. Thank you for these articles!

  2. fugolini Says:

    Absoultely no problems. Feel free to translate it 🙂

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