FAmSCo Nomination Period – Call for Ambassadors

It’s my honor and pleasure to let you know FAmSCo nomination period is open until December 3rd.


I invite all the Ambassadors who want to face this amazing challenge to write their name and work creating a better FAmSCO.


It’s really important, with near-to-be 600 ambassadors (thanks to Fabian for the number), to see a big turnout, expecially if you consider we are coming from all over the World. I think everyone has to take care of this possibility, just because there will not be losers: yes, someone will be elected and someone else not, but EVERYONE will give their own perspectives and ideas for the project and, stay sure, nobody will forget this!


FAmSCo is not only the  resource bridge, it also takes care of ambassadors policies making, community management (training and coordination) and all the tasks connected with the improvements of each ambassador exprience. BTW, it’s necessary to underline the important role it has in the organization of local groups: it is constantly in touch with Regional contacts to know what are the problems, the results and whatever could let FAmSCo working improving the local groups.


I think a blog post can’t tell you everything about FAmSCo and the reasons to be part of this important, necessary, Ambassadors’ tool. 


I’m sure your Fedora "ambassadorial" experience will be the best criterion to think about your direct participation in FAmSCo elections, no doubt about it 🙂

For more info and to add your name see: fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/SteeringCommittee/Election/2008Nominations


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