LinuxDay 2008 – Viterbo

On Saturday 25th I attended the LinuxDay event organized in Viterbo by TULug, a group devoted to Open Source and all its aspect (promotion, contribution and so on).

We were in the Viterbo Province palace, located in the down town, so it would really easy to arrive and enjoy the day.

In the morning the organizers made an install fest: F9 was the default distribution. They did a great job; when it was needed I tried to give my support, but I see a lot of people knowing what to do (solving problems too). I was amazed by the number of people that took their own laptop or PC there, asking "I want Fedora on it!" and, I can assure, at the end of the morning, you could see a lot of computers with Fedora inside and a lot of new Fedorians too.

During the day I saw a big number of people interested in the project: they asked how they could contribute in the Ambassadors Project, in the Package Project and in other projects too! I explained the key passages and how we organize our activities, trying to be simple and clarifying all the doubts: I’m sure we will see new contributors soon 🙂

During the afternoon, along with support, TULug organized some talks, I held one too: I tried to describe briefly the history of Fedora, why Fedora means innovation (and its open structure too), why is so important to contribute and, last but not least, why users matter in the Fedora processes.

I think people understood our message and I could say the event helped a lot giving them an answers to most of their doubts.

Once again I was (and I’m) proud to be a Fedorian!


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