Sunday “coming-back” trip nightmare

It’s not properly the first time I’m in trouble with airlines, but today any limit was exceeded. I woke up at 6.00 am and took the train to Prague at 7.50 from Brno hl.n. , everything went well since i arrived to the airport (at 11.00 circa, my flight was scheduled at 14.25), I’ve done the check-in and nobody told me they have changed completely the flights schedule.

First of all the flight to Rome was delayed by an hour, and that wasn’t a problem since i checked the flight from Rome to Pisa, and I started to be upset: the flight was scheduled at 21.00 (I had to took the 17.25 flight arriving in Pisa at 18.15), that means I would arrive there at 22.20 circa. I just tried a first solution at “transit office” in Prague; Czech airline assistants try to find a solution but they clearly said “we can’t change anything”. Anyone could accept this, but i forgot to say that i had to take a train after the Pisa flight, and the last one would be at 21.30. I tried to explain the situation, but the situation didn’t change.

I took the delayed flight, I was completely upset so i took whatever i found in the entrance area of the airplane (newspaper in Italian, Czech …), and when the hostess ask me “Do you want a cake or a sandwich?”, i answered “both”, she was surprised and me too (I’m trying to follow a diet), they weren’t special but eatable. We arrived at Rome airport: I known this was my bad day, but i tried the fortune and I went to transit office in that airport: the answer I received by an Alitalia assistant was “For 5 minutes you just lost a possible flight from Florence”, I’m a nervous guy, but I’m sure in that moment i looked like a bull or something else, i asked “So, what I have to do? Slip at the airport, call the police or whatever else?”, she said “ You can took a taxi and send the receipt with this compiled form and try to get reimbursed”. Everything seems work, just another problem, Pisa is 60 Km far from my city and Tuscany’s taxi are so expensive that I had to spend more that 150 euros. So concretely I had to spend those money, send a letter to a company that actually hasn’t money and that’s generally costumer unfriendly (see national and international newspaper to get more new about Alitalia) .

I’m sure you can understand me when i shook my head and tried with this sign to explain my delusion.

Now the previous part is written in Rome Airport at 18.40, waiting the 21.00 flight to Pisa, I hope to arrive, and if you would be able to read this, maybe it would be an affirmative answer.

@update (written on the airplane)

The last flight (from Rome to Pisa) had a delay of more than 15 minute cause the pilot and some of the crew was missing, the official reason is that those people were on another plane, but as I wrote previously everything was gone bad yesterday.

@update (at home!!!)

Now I’m just arrived (23.55) at home. I hope to be rest for tomorrow and be able to work with ambassadors for ambassadors.


Hours spent traveling: 18
Kilometers done: 1300 circa (mostly by airplane and train)

Those are speaking-numbers, I haven’t to add anything to those ones.

To all FUDCon attendees I hope them a better travel, and maybe be more luck than me.

P.S. Honestly I’ve to said that the first day (the arrival) was a long day but, generally quite, moreover the girls at the airlines office, both at the arrival and departure, were not so helpful (just take a look above) but they seemed friendly.


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3 Responses to “Sunday “coming-back” trip nightmare”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    That sucks..

    Oh damn Alitala, damn Italy. Francesco, was nice to met you in Brno, see you next time! 😉

    Take Care,


  2. fugolini Says:

    Re: That sucks..

    Thank you. Be sure, we will meeting again 🙂

  3. fugolini Says:

    Re: That sucks..

    ops… meet

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