FUDCon Brno 2008 – Saturday 6th

BarCamp summary

The experience was great, I personally feel interesting to meet the other contributors. I joined some of the FUDCon sessions, unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend all the session I expected to join, but that’s part of the game!

– Func session: Luca Foppiano made a great presentation around this cool tool that allow you to manage multiple system in asynchronous or synchronous mode. Now if someone will ask me something about “Overlord, Minions, Certmaster” and how they work I will be able to get the right answer.

– Marketing session: I was happy to meet Jonathan Roberts (the session owner), Nicu Buculei, Pavel Sadowski and the other guys from Marketing. The discussion was focused on collaboration between projects and on a way to make content more understandable by end-users.

– Transifex: Unfortunately I arrived late. Personally I wanted to listen more about this important initiative, but moreover I took note of some interesting links from a slide (so I’ll be able to read something at my home).

– Spacewalk: I joined this session both because I’ve read hundreds of articles about this one and because I want to learn more about a fedora hosted project. There were a lot of people who wanted to know the current status on Fedora integration and how much time would be necessary to see Spacewalk working over PostgreSQL. Great marketing when the speaker launched around the room Spacewalk tshirts for everyone.

– Ambassadors session summary:

It’s my first time I’ve been in a BarCamp event (maybe I’m pretty sure that was the first time we use this solution for an event in Europe). I just want to spend some lines talking about what we have done during Ambassadors session. We were not a lot of people, but I’m sure there were the right ones 🙂

I just try to display the current situation and some plans for the future. The feedbacks from the persons attending it was great and make me proud to be there (to see some slides just take a look at http://fugolini.fedorapeople.org/docs/AmbassadorsLocalization.pdf).

Max helped a lot giving his vision about the future and focusing on some important issues: 1. how to manage budget for the future? 2. What are the next big step from FamSCO? For the first one he suggested some great ideas trying to fix some “bugs” from the past experience: mainly try to keep budget fit our needs and try to better distribute resource with some attention to improve human resources at booth, from my point of view I agreed completely with his words and I’m assuring FamSCo will work in this way.

For the last topic I wasn’t able to give a few words answer, but I assured that FamSCo will work trying to be more understandable by the community (clearing FamSCo tasks etc) and try to fix communication between ambassadors, e.g. organizing meeting with local contacts and try to have a clear communication over the mailing list and the other communication tools.

I was amazed by a sentence he expressed “Everyone in Fedora is an ambassadors, the difference between people who are in Ambassadors group and the the others is just a question of resources and events organization”. I think those words are better that a 1h talk about Ambassadors. I like what Dimitris said: Ambassadors is unique in the “open source projects planet” for its organization and for its idea behind this “initiative”, it’s seems logic but sometimes we forget it!

Dimitris, moreover, gave some suggestions about Fedora Ambassadors Localization and Fedora Localization projects collaboration: the last one, in fact, has just create a localized “platform” and ambassadors could be helped by this just-done work. I was really happy to hear this because it gives us another chance to extend collaboration and it could help Ambassadors having a better community experience.

Jeroen, moreover, suggested something about fedora sponsorship: many of you just know Fedora EMEA, one of its main goal is to bridge resource. The core of the proposal was could FAmSCo be able to handle and bridge those resource around the project? My answer was (and is) yes, if we can count on trusted people and on a clear FAmSCo system (e.g. a clear task list and widely participated elections) .

FamSCo is everyday seeing for those thoughts/ideas/proposal because those ones help improving our community, simplifying its work too.

I received some feedback about the difficulties to follow some discussions on the m-list; I assure FAmSCo will work over it, and soon everyone could be able to stay update without losing their time trying to sail around many mails.

– FUDCon 2009 session: we haven’t nothing defined yet but people seemed really motivated to be there again next year, so I’m pretty sure there will not problems. 🙂

I love too much the English to Czech lesson, or How to survive in a pub in Brno :), it was both nice and interesting, and people were really enjoyed by this one. Great job!

I hope to haven’t missed anything (please let me know, so that I could be able to update the post)

I have to personally thank Max, who gave me the chance to be there and with his constantly and great work on the Ambassadors side. Another personal thanks to the orga team (I don’t remember all the names of the other Czech guys who make our experience exceptional, but I’m really impressed by the work they have done). I hope next year could be possible to repeat this experience, maybe trying to have more ambassadors (I know this year many EMEA people couldn’t join it due to work duties), but I’m sure the whole message of FUDCon is just arrived everywhere, starting from the people who attended it and the other ones who couldn’t be there materially but were able to read about it in the planet and/or joining the IRC channel set up for the event.

Long life to Fedora!


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