FUDCon Brno 2008 – Italian Ambassadors Meeting/s

I joined FUDCon on Friday night and I left it on Sunday morning so what you’ll find there is a brief summary of the discussions we had during that period.

It was a pleasure to meet most of the Italian ambassadors there. We discussed a lot about Linux Day, we talked about how to organize a Fedora Box (with a USB station, some CDs etc.) , that we would send in most of the events we are trying to cover, and the problems behind it. Luca Foppiano is making a great job with the organization, he is a great organizer and I’m sure it will be a success. Moreover we discussed about sponsorship with Jerome and Fabian, the discussion conclusion was that some clarifications are necessary: some answers arrived from the Ambassadors Session where this topic was recalled by Jerome (see the other post I wrote about FUDCon sessions); other issues are not yet close, so I hope FamSCo could help in that way in the next months.

During Saturday night, after the Social Event (it was a well done event), we decided to visit Brno Downtown, we discussed about Fedora and its sub-projects. Not only. We made an interesting discussion over photography: at the end we cover a lot of topics, so it would be quite long to make a list of those ones.

What I could say is that now I know more of Francesco, Luca, Gianluca, Marco and Simone, and, in a good or in a bad perspective, they know more about me :). Those are great people and it was a pleasure to share with them this experience.

I hope, and I’m pretty sure about it, that we will able to help Fedora growth, starting from Ambassadors, and during the next months we will demonstrate it, so stay tuned!

P.S. Just a curiosity: there were another Italian fedora contributors, I discovered it, reading some FUDCon attendees Wiki page, he lives in Austria but it’s Italian, he is Kevin, one of the most active KDE packager for Fedora. We talk with him during the last session and he was really a nice person.


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