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Ambassadors status – an update

August 25, 2008

September is here to come and I’ve to thanks all the contributors who helped Ambassadors Project’s success, the number of events are rised since the past year and the number of active contributors grown tremendously.

A dream is becoming reality: be in every country and cover the most important events around the world. Not only. The ambassadors localization process is evolving rapidly and people are demonstrating that this is the right way to follow,  starting from local meetings where I saw people working hard trying to  fix local problems and giving their opinions about budget and media fulfilment.

I’ve to thanks who helped making all those things possible: I’m really proud to be an ambassador and share my time with all of you, that’s the best way to be a community!


Ambassadors Wall – Part 2

August 2, 2008

I’m going to review another Fedora Ambassadors Voice poster.

According to there are new messages that need to be used for a new, amazing, poster with Ambassadors thoughts.

Last posts earn a great success (see, and I hope to repeat this one.

I invite who see this page for the first time or want to add (or give another) message to do it visiting the

Long life to Ambassadors!


August 2, 2008

I want to point EMEA guys and everyone interested, that from Friday, 2008-11-14 to Sunday, 2008-11-16 in Basel (Switzerland) there will be FAD (Fedora Ambassadors Day) 2008. For more information just take a look at .

According to the previous posts made by the Orga Team, the main goal is to have a person per country (in EMEA) so it could be possible to discuss in a better way about 2009 EMEA activities.

I think this is an amazing experience for a Ambassador, here you could stay in contact with people from different countries and you could discuss about the future of the project in your Region.

I hope this experience could be repeated in the other regions (see LATAM, NA, APAC and so on), because I can assure there is nothing more powerful than such event.

I hope to See you there!