During this FOSDEM i could see the best of a Great Team: the result of its great work, its real passion and its foresight is the Fedora EMEA NPO, that is, at the same time, the bridge to manage all the resources for EMEA people and, an indelible link between those ones who are working to promote and to improve Fedora, sharing with everyone (with no border limits) their knowledge base, making EMEA Project a trusted point of reference for the future of the global Project.

I started my experience with this team few years ago (December 2006) during the first FAD held in Basel. We were few people at that time but we started work seriously on this dream and we joined our forces. I could meet trusted people like Gerold, Joerg and Fabian (and other great people) who spent their days organizing FADs and Events, spending their money to buy Posters, Gadgets and, at least but not last, talking with people, linking them with a common glue: Fedora Project.

The past Saturday for me was a special day: I saw, during the event, a lot of Fedora Ambassadors and contributors coming from all the World (from US to Czech Republic) working with passion and wisdom; I saw a dream becoming reality: Fedora EMEA NPO.

Now, i want to make my congratulations with the new Fedora EMEA board members: Gerold (Mr. President), Jeroen (Vice-president), Fabian (Vice-president) and Robert (treasurer). Special thanks to Joerg that gave me useful tips to work at the booth and helped me several times in the past and to Francesco C. for his ideas to improve the Italian Ambassadors community.

I know i repeated myself but I think there are some points that must be underlined to better understand the importance of this big step.


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