FOSDEM08 – Saturday

Yesterday was a busy day:

– a lot of people visit us not only at the booth but at the conferences that Fedora contributors held (with great results, see Jens speech about SELinux), moreover people asked for DVDs (the live CDs ended soon) and they wanted to try the two OLPCs that we had at the booth. People that just used Fedora asked mainly for support, tricks and spins, but, incredibly, everyone, from other Linux distributions users to closed source OSes users knew the Fedora Brand and the Fedora Project and they want to try Fedora (with live cds etc…). During the day Chitlesh, the Fedora Electronic Lab spin creator and maintainer, showed at the booth some cool chip wafers he made, it was amazing to see in his laptop the scheme of the chip and see this one in the reality: that makes Fedora cool!

– in the evening, after the 1st day at FOSDEM, we met together in the same restaurant of the previous day and we officially founded Fedora EMEA (congratulation with the new board), now there is necessary some bureaucratic work before it will be completely recognize, specially for an NPO. The meeting was great, we discussed in front of a pint of beer with subfloor music, i was a little bit confused by the big numbers of people attended FOSDEM so i made some “gaffes” but we work seriously and I’m proud to be there that night šŸ™‚

– at 23.00 we come back to the hotel and we chatted about everything from Fedora to customs, TV … everything.

This was my latest activity at FOSDEM08, i had the flight in the early morning so i left the Great Team, that I’m sure, will continue with its great job there (now I’m writing from my “sweet” home šŸ˜‰ )

I want to thanks Max for the help he gives me and with Francesco (i talked with him a lot regarding the future of the Fedora Ambassadors project in Italy), Joerg, Gerold (thanks again for the car passage), Jeroen, Fabian, Robert, Tom, Thomas (i had a discussion regarding FAmSCo) and all the other ambassadors and contributors (it would be a very long list) who shared with me this great experience and used their capacities to do something i think it will be remembered in the the Fedora Project’s Hall of Fame.


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