FOSDEM08 – Friday

After a briefing at the hotel we decided to go in search of really good food (maybe steak tartare ;)), we walk for 30 minutes without results, fortunately, with the help of a strange guy, we found a good place where we take some delicious Bruxelles specialty, forgetting the past food experiences. We discussed a lot about Fedora and the EMEA NPO, that it will be “officialize” during the next days at FOSDEM (so, stay tuned!) Moreover we share our view about Ambassador project, trying to imagine a map of the future of this one. That’s a group! The Fedora NPO is the result of great team working that could be such with the work of great people. After the dinner someone left us to go his hotel, other, instead, decided to drink a beer in a pub, it was a little bit cold, and my hands were really frozen, fortunately Jeroen gave me his gloves so i could really taste my beer. Once again, this is a group!

We continued sharing ideas and i received a lot of feedbacks on my works at FamSCo, i think that’s only the beginning …


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