Announcing Fedora Ambassadors Wall

This is the message i sent to Fedora Ambassadors List announcing the Fedora Ambassadors Wall, I hope you will enjoy it and you will contribute there:

In the last three years the number of ambassadors grew a lot, not only in the quantity but in the quality: there are software engineers, creative, marketing specialists, students, security experts and hobbyists. Each person arrived here with his/her background, with different reasons and different gaols, but with a unique great passion for Fedora and the Open Source in general. Now it’s time to create a place where each person can describe with few words what he/she thinks about Ambassadors Project and Fedora Project in general, starting from his/her vision of Ambassadors to his/her opinion about Fedora. It would be marvelous to create some posters that will be displayed in the events with the people words, the best way to describe ourselves.

If you visit you can contribute directly writing your thoughts (few words that in your opinion can represent your idea of Fedora, Fedora Ambassadors etc…).

Remember: there aren’t deadlines and you are freely to contribute there.

I hope Art team (and who want) will help us when we will have a relevant number of messages creating some cool posters.

Words are essentials:

This idea comes from Joerg’s post “Generic Fedora Poster finished by Mairin Duffy”; when I’ve read his post i understand the importance of words in our project.

Fedora Ambassadors Wall could help our project giving it a “core” made by contributors words.


Francesco Ugolini

p.s. If you aren’t able to edit the wiki you can send me (fugolini at fedoraproject dot org) or FAmSCo (famsco at fedoraproject dot org) a mail with your thought.


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7 Responses to “Announcing Fedora Ambassadors Wall”

  1. nicubunulj Says:

    How about this: have each note written by the ambassador in his own native language? It would add a multicultural touch.
    Or even crazier: written *by hand* in his/her native language on a standard sized post-it note (square, various colors) and we put together those notes and generate the poster.
    Another idea could use the photos of the ambassadors.

  2. fugolini Says:

    Yes this is a great idea, can you post this is the ambs list?

  3. nicubunulj Says:

    I am not an ambassador so I’m not subscribed to that list (I am on Marketing and Art), I learned about the wall from your blog via Planet Fedora.

  4. fugolini Says:

    ok, I will do that

  5. fugolini Says:

    I’ve add a note in the wiki page for the language issue. For the “post-it” issue i think we have to discuss about it after we will collect a huge number of messages (maybe we can ask people to write their toughts in a “post-it” and scan those ones).

  6. nicubunulj Says:

    If we go to the “post-it” route we can fake them in a graphic editor (like Inkscape) and use a had font. But you are right, the decision is better made *after* the messages are gathered. For a large number of messages the poster will look in a way, for a small number it have to be designed in a completely different way.
    For example in the case of a small number of messages is could be like photos of ambassadors with speech bubbles (like in a comic strip), or speech bubbles over a Earth globe (or plain map)

  7. nicubunulj Says:

    *hand font*

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