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Ambassadors’ “HowTo” videos – first draft

February 28, 2008

Ambassadors are the voice of the project. From the smallest event to the biggest one we are a point of reference for the people who are in front of us, independently if they are housewives or Nobel Prize winners. To pursue our duty it’s necessary to have some common skills that could give us a more professional behaviour making Ambassadors figure synonymous of professional, friendly and open source minded people.

Few days ago i discovered a new service from our impressive community, FedoraTV: we could put there some videos that would help new/old ambassadors working better. I don’t want to say that now we aren’t doing our job well, but i see, in first person, that it’s not simple to stay in front of a lot of people who probably speak a different language than yours and have different bases, at the same time, it’s not simple to make a clear and impressive presentation of the Project (fedora, spins etc…) describing it with few, simple and significant words. Not only: it’s not simple to organize an event, to set up the booth and know how to lead it.

It’s really important that everyone could be able to prepare himself (for free) for it.

Maybe there are a lot of people (I know someone) that don’t need such “trainings” but for many others could be a useful tool to learn useful things not only for the project but, generally, for their PR life.

OK, this is the theory, now we have to be more concrete.


Disclaimer: this is only an idea. This is the first time I’m talking about it. This post is intended as an ideas’ sandbox.

We would need:

1. to make a list of useful things that an Ambassador should know: Fedora Ambassadors Wiki pages have thousand and thousands of advices, tips, etc… We have, moreover, a lot of experts in the project who could join the initiative;

2. to write the scripts for those videos (maybe with “on action” tips);

3. a person, maybe more, with personality, good speaking (a well spoken international English is required) and marketing skills (we could reach a compromise 😛 );

4. to promote those videos in the Ambassadors project (don’t forget: those videos would be available for everyone, for free).

What do you think?

Could we start working on this idea?

Let me defining it better, in the meanwhile I’m accepting your support (send me an email). When I will have a complete and detailed plan I will post it in the Ambassadors List so that everybody will able to express his/her opinions, proposals and suggestions over it.

Remember: Ambassadors are the core of Ambassadors Project, they (me too ;)) will be at the center of all the decision the project will take.

Stay tuned …



February 26, 2008

During this FOSDEM i could see the best of a Great Team: the result of its great work, its real passion and its foresight is the Fedora EMEA NPO, that is, at the same time, the bridge to manage all the resources for EMEA people and, an indelible link between those ones who are working to promote and to improve Fedora, sharing with everyone (with no border limits) their knowledge base, making EMEA Project a trusted point of reference for the future of the global Project.

I started my experience with this team few years ago (December 2006) during the first FAD held in Basel. We were few people at that time but we started work seriously on this dream and we joined our forces. I could meet trusted people like Gerold, Joerg and Fabian (and other great people) who spent their days organizing FADs and Events, spending their money to buy Posters, Gadgets and, at least but not last, talking with people, linking them with a common glue: Fedora Project.

The past Saturday for me was a special day: I saw, during the event, a lot of Fedora Ambassadors and contributors coming from all the World (from US to Czech Republic) working with passion and wisdom; I saw a dream becoming reality: Fedora EMEA NPO.

Now, i want to make my congratulations with the new Fedora EMEA board members: Gerold (Mr. President), Jeroen (Vice-president), Fabian (Vice-president) and Robert (treasurer). Special thanks to Joerg that gave me useful tips to work at the booth and helped me several times in the past and to Francesco C. for his ideas to improve the Italian Ambassadors community.

I know i repeated myself but I think there are some points that must be underlined to better understand the importance of this big step.

FOSDEM08 – Saturday

February 24, 2008

Yesterday was a busy day:

– a lot of people visit us not only at the booth but at the conferences that Fedora contributors held (with great results, see Jens speech about SELinux), moreover people asked for DVDs (the live CDs ended soon) and they wanted to try the two OLPCs that we had at the booth. People that just used Fedora asked mainly for support, tricks and spins, but, incredibly, everyone, from other Linux distributions users to closed source OSes users knew the Fedora Brand and the Fedora Project and they want to try Fedora (with live cds etc…). During the day Chitlesh, the Fedora Electronic Lab spin creator and maintainer, showed at the booth some cool chip wafers he made, it was amazing to see in his laptop the scheme of the chip and see this one in the reality: that makes Fedora cool!

– in the evening, after the 1st day at FOSDEM, we met together in the same restaurant of the previous day and we officially founded Fedora EMEA (congratulation with the new board), now there is necessary some bureaucratic work before it will be completely recognize, specially for an NPO. The meeting was great, we discussed in front of a pint of beer with subfloor music, i was a little bit confused by the big numbers of people attended FOSDEM so i made some “gaffes” but we work seriously and I’m proud to be there that night 🙂

– at 23.00 we come back to the hotel and we chatted about everything from Fedora to customs, TV … everything.

This was my latest activity at FOSDEM08, i had the flight in the early morning so i left the Great Team, that I’m sure, will continue with its great job there (now I’m writing from my “sweet” home 😉 )

I want to thanks Max for the help he gives me and with Francesco (i talked with him a lot regarding the future of the Fedora Ambassadors project in Italy), Joerg, Gerold (thanks again for the car passage), Jeroen, Fabian, Robert, Tom, Thomas (i had a discussion regarding FAmSCo) and all the other ambassadors and contributors (it would be a very long list) who shared with me this great experience and used their capacities to do something i think it will be remembered in the the Fedora Project’s Hall of Fame.

FOSDEM08 – Friday

February 23, 2008

After a briefing at the hotel we decided to go in search of really good food (maybe steak tartare ;)), we walk for 30 minutes without results, fortunately, with the help of a strange guy, we found a good place where we take some delicious Bruxelles specialty, forgetting the past food experiences. We discussed a lot about Fedora and the EMEA NPO, that it will be “officialize” during the next days at FOSDEM (so, stay tuned!) Moreover we share our view about Ambassador project, trying to imagine a map of the future of this one. That’s a group! The Fedora NPO is the result of great team working that could be such with the work of great people. After the dinner someone left us to go his hotel, other, instead, decided to drink a beer in a pub, it was a little bit cold, and my hands were really frozen, fortunately Jeroen gave me his gloves so i could really taste my beer. Once again, this is a group!

We continued sharing ideas and i received a lot of feedbacks on my works at FamSCo, i think that’s only the beginning …

Un tricolore per il maresciallo Giovanni Pezzullo

February 18, 2008

Announcing Fedora Ambassadors Wall

February 17, 2008

This is the message i sent to Fedora Ambassadors List announcing the Fedora Ambassadors Wall, I hope you will enjoy it and you will contribute there:

In the last three years the number of ambassadors grew a lot, not only in the quantity but in the quality: there are software engineers, creative, marketing specialists, students, security experts and hobbyists. Each person arrived here with his/her background, with different reasons and different gaols, but with a unique great passion for Fedora and the Open Source in general. Now it’s time to create a place where each person can describe with few words what he/she thinks about Ambassadors Project and Fedora Project in general, starting from his/her vision of Ambassadors to his/her opinion about Fedora. It would be marvelous to create some posters that will be displayed in the events with the people words, the best way to describe ourselves.

If you visit you can contribute directly writing your thoughts (few words that in your opinion can represent your idea of Fedora, Fedora Ambassadors etc…).

Remember: there aren’t deadlines and you are freely to contribute there.

I hope Art team (and who want) will help us when we will have a relevant number of messages creating some cool posters.

Words are essentials:

This idea comes from Joerg’s post “Generic Fedora Poster finished by Mairin Duffy”; when I’ve read his post i understand the importance of words in our project.

Fedora Ambassadors Wall could help our project giving it a “core” made by contributors words.


Francesco Ugolini

p.s. If you aren’t able to edit the wiki you can send me (fugolini at fedoraproject dot org) or FAmSCo (famsco at fedoraproject dot org) a mail with your thought.