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Fedora 8 and my iBook

December 18, 2007

Last night i installed successfully Fedora 8 on my iBook. The most surprising thing was that i didn’t need to do anything! Just inserted the LiveCD and copied the image in the HD.

Yeah, the only thing i have done was to enable apple wireless card, but it took just a minute: the time to read Fedora Mobile wiki (a sub-project), to download the firmware and to start b43-fwcutter (to extract the firmware).

If you compare the past versions of Fedora for PPC and the other distributions you will never find a better solution. As many bloggers write: Fedora is still supporting PPC architecture.

Thank you Fedora


Call of Duty

December 4, 2007

As you know the Fedora Steering Committee’s nomination period was extended by one week due to the lack of candidates. All we know the big importance of FAmSCo and probably we know the reason of this “failure”. But I don’t want crying over the past, I think, now, I have to spend some words to convince you that FAmSCo is still live and only with your work it will improve.

First of all i want to remember the main role of the Steering Committee: help ambassadors promoting fedora. You may argue: how can FAmSCo accomplish this one?

1. Coordinating the project: it talks with people, trough ambassadors mailing list, weekly meetings (now transformed in regional monthly meetings), real meetings and, at least but not last, trough ambassadors’ feedbacks (sent by people directly to FAmSCo).

2. Helping ambassadors: it sends them materials (Live CDs, DVDs, t-shirts etc) and it helps ambassadors who can’t carry themselves the costs of events with a reimbursement policy.

This is just the tip of the iceberg …

As you may imagine it requires a lot of time and people who seriously work. Logically, if there are less people than the available seats the work’s weight will be more.

I can’t force anyone but i can encourage those people that daily spend their free time helping Fedora. I think they are disappointed: I can understand their feelings, but now it’s the time to change, to pull the anchor up and start sailing.

That’s all (or maybe the most).